The DIY $10 prepaid cellphone remote car starter

The DIY $10 prepaid cellphone remote car starter

Wish you could start your car via your cell phone, but don’t feel like ponying up the $40k for a Chevrolet Volt or $499 (plus $29 a year) for an aftermarket system from Viper? This hack from a guy named Dave will set you back considerably less, relying on a cheap prepaid cellphone that has had its vibration motor surgically removed, replaced by a couple of leads triggering the car’s starter. Now, whenever the phone receives a call it starts up the car — a somewhat dodgy proposition if a telemarketer ever gets hold of your number, but an interesting solution nonetheless. Dave is also excited about the prospect of setting on timers and alarms on the handset to auto-start the car at regular intervals, while we’re excited about the total cost of the project: $71.03. Why, that’s barely enough to cover the gas our big blue Excursion burns while warming up in the morning.

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